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Privacy Policy of Broomhill

We take it seriously

At Broomhill we take seriously the privacy of any information we may have about you. The sort of personal details we keep would normally be no more than:

We might also keep a note of any particular activities you have told us you are interested in at Broomhill - sculpture or jazz for example.

We obtain this information either from you or from other similar arts organisations to whom you have previously given your permission to share such details.

Under the terms of our registration under the Data Protection Act(s) we may sometimes share only your name, postal address or email address with other similar arts organisations.

If you wish to correct any of your details, or to ask us not to pass your details on then all you have to do is email us or write to us and tell us.

We only use this information to keep you informed of events at Broomhill which we think may be of interest to you.

The Broomhill eNews is sent to all those for whom we have a valid email address. Should you wish to remove your email address, all you need to do is use the link on any enews email.

Broomhill OnLine Shop Orders

All orders placed with Broomhill through the OnLine form involving payment, are processed securely and no details are transmitted without encryption.

Online Forms

All other forms on this web site are processed through ordinary email. You are advised to send no sensitive information to Broomhill using these forms.

Virtual Tour

In the Virtual Tour section of our web site, we indicate on the map which spots you have looked at and where you are at that moment. This is done through the use of a 'cookie'. This is recorded on your computer so that if you were to return within 24 hours the information will still be available so we can help you continue the tour. The 'cookie' automatically deletes itself after 24 hours. We keep no record of your visit at all and we do not obtain any information relating to you or your computer use.

Any problems?

If you have any problems with this, please email our Web Master.

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